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Oak Wood

Strong flavor and aroma, but milder than Mesquite or Hickory; low flames, long lasting heat from large coals, it's great for grills, ovens, and smokers.

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Apple Wood

Unique flavor imparted to certain foods; recommended for ovens and grills.

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Walnut Wood

A medium strong aroma, with mild flavor; high heat and high flames; good coals; recommended for ovens.

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Almond Wood

A milder flavor and aroma than any of the above woods; very high heat and good flames; good coals lasting for adequate time to allow grilling in ovens and broilers; excellent for ovens due to the high heat and flames.

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Fruit Wood

Usually a blend of Nectarine and Peach woods with Apple, Plum, or Almond wood logs included; high heat and good flames, a mild, delicate flavor and aroma; recommended for ovens, grills, and smokers.

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Hickory Wood

Strong, sweet flavor and aroma but milder than Mesquite; low flames, long lasting heat from large coals; great for grills, ovens, and smokers - called the "King of BBQ Wood".

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Cooking Woods and Wood Chips

Mesquite Wood

Strong woodsy flavor and aroma; high heat and low flames with long burning good coals; best used in grills, ovens, and smokers - called the "Queen of BBQ Wood".

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Wood Smoking Chips

Designed for all smoking applications, our wood chips are from Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Cherry and other woods.
They are sized to 1/4 inch x ¾ inch x 2 inches to provide the maximum surface area for expelling smoke flavors when dampened and fired.

Our packages are 30 lb polypropylene bags.

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