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Local Restaurant Service 

Providing the highest quality firewood, cooking wood and charcoal for home, commercial and restaurant use.

California Charcoal & Firewood offers the largest range of superior cooking fuel products – at the lowest costs.

Cooking Woods and Natural Lump Charcoal
Environmentally Friendly
As an environmentally conscious company, we make sure that all of our charcoal and firewood products are manufactured from environmentally approved raw material and production sources and all forest wood products that we supply come from renewable sources.
Specializing in providing the finest quality charcoal and firewood, our all Natural Charcoals are manufactured from the Mesquite, Oak or Hickory hardwoods, harvested under Government permits with pruning, selective cutting, and other environmentally considerate methods.
• Superior Quality and Service
• Largest range of cooking fuel products
• Service customers through a large number of distributors in Southwest area
• Ability to ship economically for California customers
• Ability to ship worldwide
• Our cooking woods are seasoned to the proper point for ease of starting and to burn cleaner.
• Best selection at the lowest cost

The woods we specialize in are Oak, Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Walnut, Olive, Almond, and other nut and fruit woods.

Our primary business is food-service – specializing in high-quality cooking woods and natural charcoal for maximum flavors and high or low heat cooking.
We also provide Natural Mesquite Charcoal for mass merchandisers, as well as high-quality Alpine Softwood Firewood bundles.

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Serving the Food Service Industry
Cooking Woods and Natural Lump Charcoal.